“Death is not an end” – Trinh Do

Nowadays, human has explained many mysteries because of he modern technology. However, that doesn’t mean we could explore everything. Of course, there are still some unsolvable issue, some are nearly completed but some look like…impossible forever.

Some problems look like easy too much but be careful with it. A short math problem of Fermat in the 17th century had challenged billion brains for 400 years before Wiles proved it successfully. In a funny way, some problems look like too hard and actually you will spend much time on it, have a special thought about them. And you don’t know that the answer is staying in front of your face.

I have learned about physics for 8 years since I was a little child. In this topic, I don’t mention anything about astrophysis. This is a sensitive problem. Make sure if you are coward, please change pages and read the others. Not really, I will surely explain it by a physically scientific way. If you are interested in physics, you will be very attractive. However, if you aren’t, this will make you feel bored and hoary. The first question is usually:

 1.Have you ever seen a ghost? What did it look like? 

“Many people told me that they had seen a lot of ghosts and some don’t believe in it. They told me stories about spirit which they heard from their family, movies,… etc”, I have thought about it for several years and conclused by my own explanation.

Especially, we call it by electromagnetically quantum information or specially unidentified particle. In the first year of university, you will learn about quantum mechanics what absolutely denies the loss of information anyway. Additionally, relativity theory also denies the loss of energy, it just changes into different types. Generally, when a person ends his life, a bit energy inside his body changes into another kind of energy which contains a complicated mixture of electronmagnetics and wave while all of his information has never lost. This kind of energy exists exactly and is recognized by a special machine (EMF). It saves all information of its previous particle or event. This process can actually happen in a 4 dimensional space. However, I am still thinking if this kind of energy can control the fourth dimension. Ghosts have been determined by mathematical equations clearly and some wave equations of Einstein.

2.Does ghost attack us?

I don’t know what another scientists answer this question. But in my opinion, I think No. Ghosts exist but You can’t imagine them. Ghosts in your mind are the perfect creation of human imagination. In a nutshell, their energy is too low to effect to the human. You are scared of them because you know they had existed specially and absolutely different to human body structures. If you hadn’t known ghosts, they would have been nothing, nothing.

3.Death is an end ?

I know you would say yes if you don’t believe in ghost. But if you try to think about them again, make sure you can realize some paradoxes. You want to let you know that you still alive when you died, it always takes a long time in order to understand who you are at that moment. YOU ARE CHANGING INTO ANTHER KIND OF ENERGY AND YOUR INFORMATION HAS BEEN KEPT FOREVER. But something, some information can be lost because of some special effects of quantum system. Luckily, they only exist on the theories and be impossible to happen in real. Your level energy has been decreased strongly after this process happened. And the wave frequencies slow down slow down by the time. YOU ARE NOW REALLY HARD TO CONTACT TO YOUR REAL LIFE, but it doesn’t a matter, ESP system is easily to call them back.

4.Why we sometimes can tell the future exactly?

To me, future is a range of all events what had been arranged before. Even you could change the future, this range would be written that you would change it. 3-dimensional space can’t control this one. There is only the time dimension. When this dimension gets some issue because of specially physical changes, it will make a time missing hole. In this hole, everything becomes out of order and lawless, some information of events which will happen in the future, will be given back to past and unconsciously be got by human cognition.
Thanks to all readers! Hope my explanations could make you feel pleasant and happy. If you still get something misunderstood, just make a call to me and I will help you anyway.

Trinh Do – RCASau

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