The “Investigation” is considered to be one of the most important parts of As a result of that, this section indicates the complexity of cosmological science, as well as other theoretical astrophysics problems. Some parts in this section have been answered by many persuasively mathematical evidences, but some have not. For example,

  1. How old is the universe?
  2. How big is the universe?
  3. How did the Big Bang happen?
  4. What is dark matter?
  5. How did Galaxies form?
  6. How common are black holes?
  7. How many planets are in the Solar System?
  8. Are we alone?
  9. What is the Fate of the Universe?
  10. What will happen to life on the Earth?
  11. What is dark energy?
  12. What are Gamma-ray Bursts?
  13. Will asteroids threaten life on Earth?
  14. Is water necessary for life?
  15. Is there life on Mars, Titan, or Europa?
  16. Why did Mars dry out?
  17. How did the moon form?
  18. Can light escape from Black Holes?
  19. Where do cosmic rays come from?
  20. Does string theory control the universe?
  21. What creates gravitational waves?
  22. What happens when black holes collide?
  23. Why does anti-matter exist?
  24. Does inflation govern the universe?
  25. Is Pluto considered a planet?
  26. Do multiverses exist?
  27. How did the Milky Way galaxy form?
  28. How did the Solar System form?
  29. How do massive stars explore?
  30. What will happen to the Sun?
  31. Did comets bring life to us?
  32. How did Quasars form?
  33. Do Neutrinos hold secrets of the universe?
  34. How will the universe end?
  35. Is time travel possible inside a black hole?
  36. How many galaxies are there in this universe?
  37. How many stars are there in a typical galaxy?
  38. How many planets are there in a typical star?
  39. What is the Gravitational Lens?
  40. How old is the Earth?
  41. Will the Sun become a black hole after billions of years?
  42. Why can’t black holes be observed by a telescope?
  43. What is Cosmic Microwave Background Information?
  44. How did the inflationary phase happen?
  45. How long did the inflationary phase take?
  46. Why is it very hard to observe the primitive universe?
  47. When was the first galaxy formed?
  48. When was the first star formed?
  49. Is there another universe inside a black hole?
  50. Was it a good idea to send our location to other civilizations (If existed) by radio wave.

Leave one or more of these numbers in the comment box below, all information that relates to the solution will be sent back to you as soon as possibly. The mathematical solution will be particularly provided in the sub-pages of this section. Feel free to to point out our mistakes, they will absolutely get fixed. With us, it is important to improve our astrophysical website because we do not want to provide you any piece of wrong information about anything, Science is essential to our lives and the most basic point before creating a new theory is to investigate it from the sources that provide the most accurate information. – Learn and design your own universe

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