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A Chronology of Mars Exploration

No name (retroactively named Marsnik 1)(Mars 1960A) – 480 kg – USSR Mars Probe – (October 10, 1960)

  • Failed to reach Earth orbit.

No name (retroactively named Marsnik 2)(Mars 1960B) – 480 kg – USSR Mars Probe – (October 14, 1960)

  • Failed to reach Earth orbit.

Sputnik 22 (Mars 1962A) – USSR Mars Flyby – 900 kg – (October 24, 1962)

  • Spacecraft failed to leave Earth orbit after the final rocketstage exploded.

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What if you fell into a black hole?

Let’s say you happened to fall into the nearest black hole? What would you experience and see? And what would the rest of the Universe see as this was happening?

Let’s say you decided to ignore some of my previous advice. You’ve just purchased yourself a space dragon from the Market on the Centauri Ringworld, strapped on your favorite chainmail codpiece and sonic sword and now you’re going ride head first into the nearest black hole.

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“Life without science is meaningless” Mr.Do

Here is the list of frequently asked questions about space science. Some of them have been answered based on many persuasively scientific evidences, which are divided into two groups. They are theoretical arguments and observational evidences. Leave a number of a random question in the comment box below, the best solution will be sent back to you as soon as possibly. You can also ask for the mathematical models related to some particular questions (if further investigation is possible on trinhmanhdo.com)

  1. How old and how old is the universe?
  2. How did the Big Bang happen?
  3. What is dark matter?
  4. How did Galaxies form?
  5. How common are black holes?
  6. How many planets are in the Solar System?
  7. Are we alone?
  8. What is the Fate of the Universe?
  9. What will happen to life on the Earth?
  10. What is dark energy?

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“You know where to go” – Mr.Do


We can’t see them! It doesn’t mean they do not exist. The below calculation may stimulate your curiosity

Our Milky Way is predicted to contains an amount of stars from 100 billion to 400 billion.  Statistically, every star would have at least one planet. As for the maximum number of planets for each star?

Don’t ask me! I don’t know.

The most definitive conclusion has been reached: our galaxy contains a minimum of 100 billion planets and most of them are small planets like ours.

And the universe has only our Milky Way?

The answer would be yes if you were from the beginning of the 20th century. This was before Edwin Hubble recognized the Milky Way wasn’t the only galaxy in this universe by using the standard candle law to determine the location of the Andromeda galaxy.

Exactly 87 years 2 months 23 days 11 hours 9 minutes 32 seconds after Hubble’s identification, (the time I was writing this article), there are 500 billion visible galaxies in this universe! Furthermore, how many universes are there?

Again, don’t ask me! I don’t know.

Therefore the amount of planets (x) in this universe would be at least:

x = 100 billion x 500 billion = 5 x 10(^22) planets (not including planets of some bespent galaxies)

y = 11000 planets (the amount of planets have been found by humans)

The difference between those 2 values of x and y shows us that we did find “a lot of planets” in this universe. On the other hand, of the billion planets in this universe, one of them has been found by us. What a big achievement, isn’t it?

This means that the chances of life and habitable planets in this universe is overwhelmingly high. So high that it’s impossible to deny that it’s out there. The only question is how much of that is capable of supporting life and of that life, how much is civilized.

“Don’t say zero!”

Of course, how much of this life is smart enough to build computers, communication dishes. But the we are actually not really as gentle as some science fiction story said. If the extraterrestrial-life had existed on Mars, would we have controlled them? Absolutely!

“No? This is  a real article, We’re not talking about science fiction any longer!”

They would have done that because we are nervous if they are smarter and stronger than us, they would do the same thing to us. Not long after the Wow signal, we launched 2 spacecrafts Voyage 1 and 2 which contained “some significant information”.

“We are friendly,  we sent to the aliens our location, they will come … soon for … a birthday party”

Trinh Manh Do