EE technlogy

Electronics engineering technology is a field of study similar to electronic engineering.

Electronics engineering technicians help engineers design and develop various electrical and electronic equipment. They may also work in product evaluation and testing,diagnostics, and equipment repair.

Under engineers’ direction, electronics engineering technicians may: design basic circuitry and draft sketches to clarify details of design documentation; build prototypes from rough sketches or plans; put together, test, and maintain circuitry or electronic components according to engineering instructions, technical manuals, and knowledge ofelectronics; adjust and replace defective circuitry and electronics components; identify and resolve equipment malfunctions; do preventative maintenance and calibration of equipment and systems; etc.

Electronic Engineering Technology is based around the theory and practice of applied electronics engineering. Electronics engineering technicians may be employed in: circuits and systems testing, product development, pro­totype construction and testing, circuit and systems medication, systems operation and manufacturing. Other fields that employ electronics engineering technicians include: research and development laboratories, electronic equipment manufacturers, public utilities, government agencies, electronic equipment distribu­tors, [semiconductor} manufacturers and manufacturing and pro­cessing industries that use electronic control equipment.

Source: Wikipedia and RCAS library

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